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New Arrivals


New Arrivals 26.02.2021

Legion of Doom - Kingdom of Endless Darkness CD
Legion of Doom - The Summoning of Shadows CD
Legion of Doom - For Those of the Blood DIGIPACK

New Arrivals 19.02.2021

Forest - Černodol MC
Sekhmet - Consumed by Void CD
Sekhmet - Consumed by Void LP
Sekhmet - Okularis Infernum CD
Sekhmet - The Revenge of Hell's Legions CD

New Arrivals 16.02.2021

Jotun - Askvinter CD
Noen Hater Oss - Siste Stopp Skjærsilden CD

New Arrivals 15.02.2021

1920 – Faith-Fire-Will CD
Aeon Winds – Storming The Fortress DIGIPACK
Anal Cunt - Carring About anything is Gay CD
Cairdeas Fala - Sons of the North DIGIPACK
Colotyphus – Before The Sunrise DIGIPACK
Devilgroth - Svyatogor DIGIPACK
Hermitage – Nawiht CD
Morok – Carpathian Fullmoon Ritual DIGIPACK
Nyctothropia – Frail Urn Collection CD
Pagan Forest - Bogu DIGIPACK
Sorts - Schwarze Estnische Schweinerei DIGIPACK
Venedae – Milczące Głazy CD
Wolfenburg - Krwiożercze Bestie CD
Zawrat / Fleam – Void of Primitive Howls CD

New Arrivals 09.02.2021

Iberian Wolves - No pediremos perdón LP
Iberian Wolves - Iberian Metal Circle LP

New Arrivals 03.02.2021

Hell's Coronation - Morbid Spells CD
Sarg - Totentanz CD
Sarg - XII - Night of the Hunt CD

New Arrivals 02.02.2021

Beyond the Grave - I Am the Holocaust CD
Cataplexy - ...Lunar Eclipse, Chaos to the Ruin... CD
Cataplexy - Archives CD
Damnatus - Un niente CD
Daughters of Sophia - (20.0) Raflifu CD
Draconis Infernum - Blood of the Iconophile CD
Ebola / No Point in Living - Regions of Depression CD
Ebola - III CD
Falhena - Insaniam Convertunt CD
Guerra Total - Cosmic Horror Anthology Vol. 1 CD
Le Jardin d'Alice - CD
Nightevil - Primeval Scarlet Flood MC
Quest for Blood - Quest for Blood CD
Vanhelga - Höst CD
Vulvanic - Ripper's Secret Night of Murder CD

New Arrivals 25.01.2021

Aesir - Rising From the Ashes of the Past CD
Alocer 88 - Hyperborean Memories CD
Blizzard - Hateful Hymns of an Endless Winter CD
Furor - Ice Doctrine CD
Heldune - Echoes of the Fallen CD
Old Grief - Chants of the Ancient Forest CD
Seges Findere / Stolzkrieg - Der Kampfgeist CD
Sunchariot - Bone Harvester CD
Toteslaut - Funeral Rite in a Night of Evil CD
Vrildom - Terra Australis Ignota CD
Vrildom / Alem-Homem - Southern Beasts of Prey Alliance CD

New Arrivals 24.01.2021

Altu Paganach - Thirty Years in Thangorodrim CD
Blutkult - Alte Werte - Neu Beseelt GATEFOLD LP
Blutkult - Die letzten wahren deutschen Ritter GATEFOLD DOUBLE LP
Combate SP - Crepusculo Urbano CD
Combate SP - Rock de Estado CD
Crippling Madness - Klątwa Innsmouth MC
Diabolical - Hooligans Regiment of Terror CD
Distant Shapes - Life Forsaken DIGIPACK
Fremdreich - Euer Ende CD
Fridfull - Fridfull CD
Furor Volturno - AEquilibrium DIGIPACK
Hermodr - Vinter DIGIPACK
Kalibur - Call of the Vril's Sign CD
Kaltfront - Feuernacht CD
Knochenfell - Menschenhass CD
Knochenfell - Nacht und Terror DIGIPACK
Molde Volhal - Into the Cave of Ordeals... DIGIPACK
Nokturnal Mortum - To the Gates of Blasphemous Fire GATEFOLD DOUBLE LP
Odal - Der Dunkelheit Reiter DIGIPACK
Odal - Geistes Unruh CD
Tronje - Des Satans Wilde Nacht DIGIPACK
Waffentrager Luzifers - HellStrike LP
Zurzir - Sangue, Gloria e Raca CD
Zurzir - A Espera do Caos CD

New Arrivals 21.01.2021

Cosmos - Saudo Romano a Morte LP
Dross Delnoch - In the Vortex of Centuries LP
Halgadom - Äon des Hammers LP
Kroda - Novij Skhron GATEFOLD DOUBLE LP
Kroda - Selbstwelt LP
Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle - Impavidum Ferient Ruinae LP
Seges Findere - Mortal Grinder LP
Seges Findere - Live Warnoise LP
Seges Findere - Nuklear Terrorsonic Power LP
The Kryptik - Through Infinity of Darkness LP
Vananidr - Vananidr LP

New Arrivals 15.01.2021

Aryman - ...i nienazwanych Dyjabłów CD
Aryman - ...i nienazwanych Dyjabłów DIGIPACK
Blood Libel - Museums of Gas and Mirrors CD
Piwniczne Widziadła zine nr 2 (POLISH)

New Arrivals 12.01.2021

Bloody Obsession - Inevitable Death CD
Masturbace - The Way Through the Labyrinth 1993 - 1994 CD
Sanatorium - Arrival of the Forgotten Ones ...20 Years Later CD
V.A.R. - Rozdvojen ale schopen CD

New Arrivals 08.01.2021

Ludola - Przedzimie CD
Lupus Nocturnus - Howls from the Past DIGIPACK
Moloth - The Black March Saga CD
Moloth - The Black March Saga DIGIPACK
Nation War - Deaths Commands Under Totenkopf Sign DIGIPACK
Nation War - Honour CD
Nation War - Satan's Soldiers SS CD
Sturmgewehr - Aufhetzung Des Hakenkreuz-Volkes CD
Svartr Sturm - Radikal View of a Better Day / J'ose espérer DIGIPACK
Waldgeist - Special Honors CD


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